Love for the Outdoors


Ocean City, Maryland

Whether it is out on the water, or deep in the woods, the outdoors is the place to be.  The water is a blast during the summer months.  The woods on the other hand is where its at during the colder months, when the deer are moving.  Fishing and hunting can be very much alike.  Whether you have a fish biting or you are seeing deer it is a blast.  When you are not catching or seeing anything, it can be frustrating, but patience is key.  But when you are reeling the big ones in or dropping the big deer, it may be one of the most exciting and nerve racking experience you may ever encounter.  All aspects of the sports are exciting.  Whether its the traveling to and from, or the sport itself.  What is your most enjoyable season?IMG_7229.JPG

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Trophy Hunter vs. Meat Hunter

IMG_6436 (2)

Is it the antlers that make you a hunter?  Is it the filling of the freezer with meat?  Is it the heart beating out of your chest when a huge buck walks out in front of you?  Or is it the confidence in a nice clean shot on a nice deer that may fill the freezer?  I am sure many of us could relate to these questions.  Questions we ask ourselves at the beginning of every season.

As a meat hunter, hunting for meat may be a lot of work.  Although filling the freezer may be extremely rewarding for you and the family.  Putting the cross hairs on a good piece of meat can be very rewarding and it keeps you on your feet and having fun.  Sometimes trophy hunting can get you down if you are not seeing that big buck you want.  Some trophy hunters may get antsy and desperate for meat.  That is acceptable because I do not know any meat hunter in their right mind that would pass up a monster buck over a young buck or doe.  When given the chance, surely you would take the big one.

Trophy hunting may be more rewarding, due to the fact you are getting some meat with a nice set of antlers.  On the other hand, trophy hunting may consist of more time, a good attitude, and money if you plan to get it mounted.  You may exit the stand many nights without a big buck tagged.  Do not get discouraged.  It’s the name of the game.  No pun intended.  Trophy hunting is meant to be challenging and less fun when nothing is down.  That is what makes it so much more rewarding when you do shoot that big one.  Plus if everyone trophy hunted, how many big bucks would really be out there?  Passing up smaller bucks surely would help, but who is to say no one else will shoot that buck, or it may even get hit on the road.  This topic really could go either way.

It all comes down to what you want. Meat?  A wall-hanger?  That is definitely something to think about and I am sure it will cross your mind the next time you get ready to pull the trigger.


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Bucks in Rut

Mid November swings around, and deer are all over the roads.  You start seeing them on the sides of the roads and crossing right out in front of you.  Maybe you get to see some action of a big buck chasing a doe around a field.  Nothing is more exciting than seeing those antlers from the side of the road, knowing he is a big one.  This is when you know it is that time of year again, the Rut.

Bucks rutting seem crazy and ignorant when it comes this time of year.  Not only can you tell when this season is in from driving, but also in the stand.  You are sitting in the stand on your phone, or watching the squirrels play tag, and all of a sudden you start hearing crackling and popping of the leaves, sticks, debris from the season of fall.  Turning your head to see a beautiful doe wandering through the woods, not having any clue that anyone is watching.  You are not willing to take a shot because you are a trophy hunter or you just have a feeling that something is trailing behind her.  By the time she walks away and out of sight wandering through the thick, here he comes, rustling through the brush.  One of the biggest mature bucks you have ever seen or maybe a young buck being wild and crazy.  Whatever it may be, you can tell that they are on a mission.

Rut can be a dangerous time of the season. It may also be one of the most exciting times of the year if you are a hunter.  Hunting is one of the biggest challenges in a hunters life, but also gets that much more exciting when that big one walks out in front of you.  The only thing you may be wondering then is “Do I shoot?”IMG_6274

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