Trophy Hunter vs. Meat Hunter

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Is it the antlers that make you a hunter?  Is it the filling of the freezer with meat?  Is it the heart beating out of your chest when a huge buck walks out in front of you?  Or is it the confidence in a nice clean shot on a nice deer that may fill the freezer?  I am sure many of us could relate to these questions.  Questions we ask ourselves at the beginning of every season.

As a meat hunter, hunting for meat may be a lot of work.  Although filling the freezer may be extremely rewarding for you and the family.  Putting the cross hairs on a good piece of meat can be very rewarding and it keeps you on your feet and having fun.  Sometimes trophy hunting can get you down if you are not seeing that big buck you want.  Some trophy hunters may get antsy and desperate for meat.  That is acceptable because I do not know any meat hunter in their right mind that would pass up a monster buck over a young buck or doe.  When given the chance, surely you would take the big one.

Trophy hunting may be more rewarding, due to the fact you are getting some meat with a nice set of antlers.  On the other hand, trophy hunting may consist of more time, a good attitude, and money if you plan to get it mounted.  You may exit the stand many nights without a big buck tagged.  Do not get discouraged.  It’s the name of the game.  No pun intended.  Trophy hunting is meant to be challenging and less fun when nothing is down.  That is what makes it so much more rewarding when you do shoot that big one.  Plus if everyone trophy hunted, how many big bucks would really be out there?  Passing up smaller bucks surely would help, but who is to say no one else will shoot that buck, or it may even get hit on the road.  This topic really could go either way.

It all comes down to what you want. Meat?  A wall-hanger?  That is definitely something to think about and I am sure it will cross your mind the next time you get ready to pull the trigger.



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student, enjoy hunting and fishing, anything outdoors, photography, archery
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